How to Select a Cargo Moving Company

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When you have goods that you need to be moved elsewhere, then you must find a cargo moving company that can pick up your goods and deliver them wherever they need to be. It's important to have a cargo moving company you can trust to make your deliveries and take a weight off your mind, but finding that company isn't always easy.

Do your research

When you hire a cargo moving company, you are entrusting them with valuable property. It might be products you are shipping, or it could be the contents of your home. Whatever you want to move, you will want it to arrive on schedule and safely. When you first start your research, you will want to assess a prospective cargo moving company in at least four areas.

Areas served: At a basic level, you must be confident that the cargo moving company regularly serves the area where you want your cargo delivered.

Experience with goods: Not all goods are the same. Some items will always require a higher degree of care. If you have items that are especially fragile or valuable, does the company have the experience to cope?

Services offered: Will the company offer you a door-to-door service, or will the cargo need to be collected from their offices?

Speed of delivery: When does the delivery need to arrive? Are you willing to pay more for faster delivery, or is cost more important?

Always ask questions

Once you have identified several cargo moving companies, you must question them carefully to make sure that the service you receive is exactly what you are expecting. Questions you will want to have answered include the following:

What's included? 

A lower base price may seem attractive, but unless you read the 'small print' carefully, you could find yourself hit by a raft of extra charges covering packing and unpacking, terminal charges and insurance and compensation.

Does the company offer storage facilities? 

Sometimes, you will want the cargo moving company to deliver your goods straight away, and at other times, you may not have anywhere to store them immediately. Find out if the cargo moving company is willing to hold them for you.

How is the shipping cost set? 

Several factors are likely to affect the shipping cost you pay. These might include volume, weight and distance. By finding out the formula the cargo moving company uses to calculate the shipping cost, you can manage your delivery to keep your costs to a minimum.

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